On Freud


who is sigmund freud?

really, who is he?

Sigmund Freud is a famous Austrian neurologist, who is most famous for his research and theories in regards to psychoanalysis. He is best known for developing the science now known as psychoanalysis, in which dreams and fantasies are taken apart to understand the unconscious. Some of his most influential works are based around the ego (self) and sexuality. You can read more about him here.
How is he relevant to this analysis?

A little or a lot?

It’s incredibly important to this analysis– most of my work on Murakami’s novel utilizes Freud’s famous paper, “Mourning and Melancholia” as a base. In this paper, Freud clarifies the distinction between mourning as a healthy grieving process and melancholia as pathological depression. However, it can be a little confusing to distinguish between the two. In order to make it easier to understand, I’ve separated the two. Please click on one of pages below to learn more about mourning and/or melancholia, specifically in Norwegian Wood!
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In “mourning [it was] found that the inhibition and loss of interest are fully accounted for by the work of mourning in which the ego is absorbed.

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“The distinguishing mental features of melancholia are a profoundly painful dejection, cessation of interest in the outside world, loss of the capacity to love, inhibition of all activity, and a lowering of the self-regarding feelings to a degree that finds utterance in self-reproaches and self-revilings, and culminates in a delusional expectation of punishment”

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